National Student Televison Alma Mater, Sofia

National bulgarian student television Alma mater is youth television for culture, education and youth policies with a status of “national public television” in Bulgaria.It started with student tv shows on Bulgarian national television- BNT1.By this moment Alma mater Tv has three lines : “Atellier” -student show for art and culture, “ProActive” – student show for education and science and Ku-Ku Reloaded – satiric student show. Alma mater Tv has it’s own webTv and creates every week different types of videoclips on subjects which ingage young people and students.

National bulgarian student television Alma mater developed an extensive partnership with many university television stations worldwide. Alma mater Tv is curently working on a TV project “Establishment and development of European student network TV” within “Youth in Action” program of the European Commission. This project envisages the creation of the Satelite Tv Program and Internet media platform on which to upload media content created by students around the world.

Another winning project is AMTV “National Multimedia University Center” under the Operational Programme “Human Resources”, which provides equipment for the AMTV.

In 2011 AMTV apply to Unesco with project for “International Youth audiovisual production center” based in Sofia and Paris.