ProActive “Krassimira Hendy, The good face of Bulgaria”, AMTV

This film about Bulgarian journalist Krassimira Hendry is part of the the project Development of European Student Television Network is aimed at designing a web-based platform for the exchange of media contents among university televisions in Europe, with headquarters in Sofia. Through the activities, planned in the project, the participants will not only further develop European student TV network, but will create and film together with two partnering countries, as the base initiative for mutual work and establishment of long-lasting partnership. The European Student Television Network was successfully created in the last year with our partners from the University of Journalism in Paris, the University of Journalism in Lille (France) and the “Mass Media Communications” Department of the New Bulgarian University, and now is time to further its development through our new partnerships in the UK.
Leading organization of the Project yet again is the National Student Television “Alma Mater” to the Sofia University “St Kliment Ohridski”, and Project partners are: Brooks Student Television from Oxford Brooks University, Leeds Student Television from Leeds University Union and the “Mass Media Communications” Department of the New Bulgarian University. Twenty five young people will directly participate in the realization of the multicultural films, while the web-based television network will be accessible for use to thousands of young people in Europe and around the world.
The duration of the Project is nine months and during this period the main goal of this project is to present the diverse dimensions of youth life in the two countries. It will acquaint the participants and their viewers with their way and standard of life, with creative work opportunities, with their ideas for development in contemporary civil society in the context of the European Union. The duration of the multicultural films will be 27 minutes each and will reach the greatest possible audience since it will be translated in English and uploaded on the European Student Television Platform, as well is will be broadcasted on the Bulgarian National Television, the Student Televisions of City University, London and Brooks TV, Oxford and will be proposed to the youth direction of BBC.

ETHNOS & LOGOS documentary film

Ethнос and logos / 2010 / 24 min / Audio: Bulgarian. The film is made ​​by National student television  “Alma mater “, Academic Ethnological Society, Student Council of University and Anamnesis  on the occasion of 30 years anniversary of Ethnology Department of Sofia University. The main  idea of the film is to create a bridge  between the past and future of the specialty and to show through the the eyes of students ethnologists the opening of the school year .