LONDON-OXFORD-SOFIA 2012/2013 European Student Television Network

The project Development of European Student Television Network is aimed at designing a web-based platform for the exchange of media contents amongst university televisions in Europe, with headquarters in Sofia.

Through the activities, planned in the project, the participants will not only further develop European student TV network, but will create and film together two programmes in the two partnering countries, as the base initiative for mutual work and establishment of long-lasting partnership. The European Student Television Network was successfully created in the last year with our partners from the University of Journalism in Paris, the University of Journalism in Lille (France) and the “Mass Media Communications” Department of the New Bulgarian University, and now is time to further its development through our new partnerships in the UK.

The project involves an exchange student teams from University televisions “Alma Mater”, “Oxford Brookes, Department of Journalism – City University, London and the Department of Film and Television, New Bulgarian University.
Led by professors the student multicultural teams visitited Sofia, London and Oxford and prepared and implemented seven documentaries on topics that excite young people in Europe. One of the main topics was the freedom of expression and media in the UK and Bulgaria, teaching journalism at European universities, youth subcultures.

The teams prepared documentaries for the cities they visited and where the program was implemented:
1.Student teams from Sofia University and New Bulgarian University did the following films:
‘Oxford – the beginning of European university education in Europe”, “London – Cultural Olympics “;
“Looking for Freedom” – freedom of speech in Britain “; “Krassimira Hendry, The Good Face of Bulgaria”
“Faces of Freedom” – a youth subculture in Britain;
2.City University students : “Mogilino addition, there Vidrare “,” Freedom of speech in Bulgaria ”
3.Students from Brookes, Oxford : “Sofia – Cultural Capital of Europe”

Each team realised their film within five days, the teams included students of journalism, film directing and cinematography.
Each team had previously done their investigation and research within one week before filming.
The documentaries were broadcasted on TV “Europe”,Bulgaria and will be broadcasted on BBC 5, UK and in the university internet websites and networks.

“Krassimira Hendry, The Good Face of Bulgaria”

“London – Cultural Olympics “

“Oxford – the beginning of European university education in Europe”

“Oxford Brookes University”

“Looking for Freedom” – freedom of speech in Britain “

“Faces of Freedom” – Camden Town, a youth subculture in Britain


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